It brings a proud tear to our eye to think on all the worms we've raised and sent off to make the world a better place.

Even though we're now the leader in the vermiculture industry, we still marvel at how our little worm bin in the back pasture grew until now it reaches folks all over the world from our warehouses in California and Washington state.

We guess it's 'cause it's been real important to us to give out accurate information about all the aspects of good worm wranglin'. We want yer experience to be a successful one. After all, that's what will keep ya from wastin' yer waste!

We also want to educate folks on what they ought NOT to do. . . and what they ought not to believe from some of the lily-livered bandits pretendin' to be worm experts. We can sing more than one sad song about the get-rich-quick scams we've seen folks get into. Not until their money is in someone else's saddle bag did they realize that the worms they were sold were not the right ones fer compostin'.

When ya go back to yer bed tonight, light the old lamp awhile and leaf through our information section. It's free, and should answer just about any question you can think of.

Oh, and thanks for doin' yer part for our planet.

Long live the worm!