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Land Planarian (flat worm)

Land Planarian (flat worm)

Land Planarian eating a redworm

Land planarians (flat worms) devour earthworms, slugs, insect larvae, and are cannibalistic.

Because land planarians are photo-negative during daylight hours and require high humidity, they are found in dark, cool, moist areas. Land planarians are rare in rural sites. Movement and feeding occur at night. High humidity is essential to survival. They can survive desiccation only if water loss does not exceed 45 percent of their body weight. Land planarians are most abundant in spring and fall.
                     Land Planrian eating a redworm

Planarians are a predator that you will want to remove and destroy every time you see one. They have been known to do great harm to worm growers.

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*Images used with permission. Entomology and Nematology Dept., University of Florida; photographer P. M. Choate


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