Redworms at Happy D Ranch

Redworms - Eisenia fetida
Common names for the Eisenia fetida are:
Redworm, Red Wiggler, Tiger Worm, Manure Worm, Fish Worm, Striped Worm, Composting Redworm, as well as many other names.

Worms are annelids, a word derived from Latin meaning "rings." The Redworm (Eisenia fetida) is an Epigeic worm. Epigeic worms live on the surface of the soil or in the top 10 inches or so of the topsoil under the litter layer. Redworms are the workhorses of the composting world and tend to be smaller than Anecic worms, or "earthworms," which build and live in deeper more permanent burrows. Night crawlers are Anecic worms and are much bigger than redworms. Happy D Ranch only offers Eisenia fetida red worms & Eisenia hortensis (European Night crawlers).

Redworms can eat about 3 times their weight a week. Redworms reduce the volume of that waste by about two thirds. They mature in 8 weeks & double in biomass every 3-4 months under ideal conditions. That means that if you start with one pound of worms, in three to four months you will have 2 pounds of redworms. In eight months you will have four to five pounds of redworms, etc. 1 mature worm could produce 96 worms in 6 months (2 cocoons X 24 weeks X 2 hatchlings)

Redworms are not night crawlers. Redworms behavior, reproduction rates, and size are very different from night crawlers. Redworms stay where they are happy and fed, night crawlers (earthworms) tend to crawl at night when there is no light to keep them contained. Redworms reproduce very fast, night crawlers are very slow to reproduce. The size of redworms vary from a length of 35 to 130mm (generally >70mm) or 1 1/2 inches to 5 inches; their diameter is 3-5mm or 1/16th to 1/8th inch.

Top:  European Nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis) Lower: Redworm (Eisenia fetida)


             Top: European Night crawler (Eisenia hortensis)
Lower: Redworm (Eisenia fetida)


For more information on the biology of redworms, please see our Invertebrate Page about redworms.

Our redworms are raised with a mixed feedstock so they acclimate to any environment quickly and easily.





Harvesting Worms

Harvesting Worms

Redworms are shipped via US Priority Mail on the Monday or Tuesday following receipt of your order. They are shipped in equal amounts
of bedding material so a 1-pound order will weigh 2 pounds, a 2-pound order will weigh 4 pounds, etc. They can last up to 30 days in transit because we package them to survive the trip without too much stress. We ship redworms country wide and year-round.

Bulk orders of over 10 pounds are shipped VIA overnight delivery. Call 888-989-1558 for bulk pricing. 50 pounds or more of redworms usually cost $13-$20.00 a pound plus shipping.

At some worm businesses, virtual or otherwise, you may hear some talk that can be best described as manure*. But one thing you won't hear from Happy D Ranch is any bull.

We do our best to present you with factual information. No pie-in-the-sky promises or get rich quick schemes. We NEVER recommend buy-back contracts, worm growing associations, collection centers, or co-ops, we don't offer them either; never have & never will. That's what we believe. No bull. That's just the way we do business around these parts.

Yes, you can make money in the worm business if that's your goal, but like any business, you have to work at it. Worms, like money, don't grow on trees. Please reference the books page for many informative publications that contain the best, most reliable information on raising redworms and starting a commercial vermiculture operation. Happy D Ranch's ARTICLES SECTION has several important articles that anyone interested in worm farming should read before investing a penny.

There seems to be new worm business scams being thought up every month. PLEASE, don't be fooled by these guys who have a business plan designed to take your money and run. The ones who make the most money are the ones who control the contracts, associations or co-ops. Check the fine print for escape clauses such as, in case of war or conflict the contract is null & void, if you don't feed or water the worms the way we say and check the pH at regular intervals the contract is void, you must use our boxes and/or set-ups in order to grow our worms, etc, etc.
Buyer Beware!! Some companies say they are selling redworms, when in fact they are selling a different species. Eisenia fetida redworms can thrive in temperatures ranging from 34 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so they do well in all parts of the country. Eisenia fetida redworms process just about any organic material.  Other species, such as Perionyx excavatus, which some erroneously call redworms, die if exposed to 45-degree temps.  Perionyx excavatus do okay in the Gulf States of the USA, India, South America, but not where it gets cold. Species such as Perionyx excavatus do okay in manure piles, but are not suitable for in-vessel type systems & they never get big enough for use as a bait worm. When buying redworms, be sure they are the correct species for your purposes and not a species that will die easily in your climate.


The following information is provided to help you understand that there are many dishonest companies out there that try to convince you to send them money in exchange for a contract. DON'T FALL FOR IT! If you read the following information by cutting & pasting the web addresses into the address line of your web browser, you will begin to see how much money has been lost to con artists with a good line of bull. Please read the many articles in the ARTICLES Section of this web site for more information on this issue.

*For information about Cease & Desist Orders against some companies that operate worm buy-back contracts, otherwise known as "business opportunities," go to these web sites (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the information. Go to this site to download Acrobat Reader for free -

Permanent Injuction Against B & B Worm Farms

This is a must read. Particularly the "Findings of Fact" on pages 5 & 6 of this order, filed on
May 01, 2002 by the State of Oklahoma, Department of Securities.


Trustee’s Notice Under Section 363(b) of Intent to Sell Assets Date Filed: 06/03/2003
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Objection of Lynn Bradley to Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Order Freezing Assets Date Filed: 04/29/2003
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Voluntary Petition Date Filed: 04/22/2003
Temporary Restraining Order and Order Freezing Assets Date Filed: 04/17/2003
Plaintiff’s Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Asset Freeze and Brief in Support Date Filed: 04/17/2003
Petition for Permanent Injunction and other Equitable Relief Date Filed: 04/14/2003
Order Initiating Investigation Date Filed: 03/19/2003
B and B Worm Farm, Greg Bradley and Lynn Bradley
Agreement Date Filed: 08/13/2002
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