Pot Worms
(White Worms)

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Potworms (Enchytraeids doerjesi)

Potworms (Enchytraeids doerjesi)

Pot Worms, known as enchytraeids (en kee tray' id), are very small, little white worms that can reach densities of 250,000 individuals per square meter. The highest populations are found in acid soils. They feed on bacteria and fungi. They eat dead organic matter and small feces. They ingest small mineral particles and probably play an important role in mixing organic matter into the mineral soil. They have no enzymes for digesting complex polysaccharides and thus do not digest the organic matter they ingest. They are good for your compost system and harmless to you, your worms and plants. Enchytraeids are sometimes raised as fish food. Enchytraeids are also predators of some nematodes.


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